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LeadEasily is a revolutionary solution which gives brands and marketers tools capable of interpreting every type of user interaction; helping them to foresee and satisfy the Customer Journey on Mobile, offering experiences and relationships based on real consumers’ expectations.

Thanks to Customer Data, LeadEasily is an all-in-one solution to achieve the highest level of customer engagement.

In order to achieve this result, LeadEasily utilises three innovative tools:


Measure and understand your customers’ behavior. With LeadEasily you can track your customers’ journey, collect behavioral information and personal data from their replies to your Mobile marketing campaigns. As a result, you will have a unique and detailed overview of each user’s habits and information collected from their interaction with the Landing Page, StoryTelling, Mobile-Friendly Email or ChatBot. Furthermore, thanks to the innovative SMS Tracking and the customizable short-links, LeadEasily can track all users’ interactions, starting from the message notification.

Lead Scoring

Valuable information about your customers. Thanks to LeadEasily, your customers’ data can be easily organized and interpreted in real-time. An automatic system gives scores to users when they interact with your content. You can evaluate their behaviors or interpret the implicit or explicit information you acquired during the campaigns.

Our Lead Scoring algorithm allows you to determine the contacts ready to be engaged in the purchase process and the ones who still need to be nurtured. For example, the completion of a form in a Landing Page generates a score for the action (interaction and data input = Behaviors) and a score for the acquired data

(demographic information=Demographics).

Quality scores (Scores) are given according to the interest shown by contacts (Leads) towards the brand: from the initial engagement to the lasting relationship over time. The LeadEasily Lead Scoring module classifies the Leads according to their importance, by subdividing them into categories: Hot, Warm or Cold Leads. The Lead Scoring module is your best ally to:

  • Get to know your customers better
  • Build long-lasting relationships
  • Increase your database
  • Gather information to generate conversions.

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