Discover How To 'Intuitively Attract High Quality New Client Demand' Virtually Every Day!

What if you could oversee the entire customer journey by creating and distributing content and then measuring its impact, all from the one place? 

Instant 24/7 lead growth automation. Mobile Lead Retention Generation Automation. Increase Marketplace Value. Achieve Maximum Results FAST! 

Everything you need – and more besides. 

Digital life is made up of micro-moments. 

Produce made-to-measure content for social media, chatbots or for any other of the myriad of platforms available. 

No need for expertise (on your part). 

Every action taken by your target audience is monitored and measured so that you may follow every step of the customer journey and strategize your marketing accordingly. 

LeadEasily - Intuitive Mobile Marketing Automation of Global Leading Brands is the answer to every need a marketing and media agency will encounter in its day-to-day activities. 

Create the perfect strategy to acquire new contacts. 

Take the hassle out of marketing activities, such as posting on social media or sending emails and text messages. 

Use a variety of methods to connect with your customers and engage only those who are ready for conversion.

Exploit the multi-channel capacities of LeadEasily to sell tickets, issue coupons, offer promotional discounts, and much more. 

Our chatbot works seamlessly with all the other LeadEasily tools. 

Use it to save time and resources and to stay in touch with your customer base. 

The most intelligent way to improve your social presence LeadEasily is the platform for web-listening and sentiment analysis that monitors the company's presence on social channels with the support of Artificial Intelligence.

Your Social Media Assistant LeadEasily Social helps the team analyze and interpret the information about the network and improve the brand's reputation, thanks to an already effective communication with its followers.

LeadEasily - Intuitive Mobile Marketing Automation in 6 points:

  1. A platform with many advantages
  2. Find out what your customers say about your brand
  3. Monitor and measure the feedback you receive
  4. Identify influencers and generate new contacts
  5. Listen and learn all about your community
  6. Plan and optimize content

Program and diversify your communications.

The data you collect on the behavior of your leads and customers give you valuable insights into how best to interact with them, and thus save both time and resources.

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