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LeadEasily mobile marketing software supports companies in customer acquisition, customer retention and to activate existing customers. LeadEasily is an effective tool for the creation, distribution, and measurement of mobile optimized campaigns. With just a few steps and intuitive operation! LeadEasily is the solution with the most comprehensive features, such as movie telling, storytelling, landing pages, pay-per-click SMS, chatbot, publication calendar for social media and much more.

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Heike Ziegler LeadEasily -Help to Grow Global Leading Brands

Heike Ziegler

Heike Ziegler

I focus on helping you generate brand growth in multiple ways and drive consistently better results, so you can create a magnetic pull and scale your business. My mission is to deliberately increase your business and brand growth results by 75 - 300 % within six months on analog and digital hand-picked platforms exclusively while generating consistent, predictable and qualified business relationships and huge bottom line increase, so that you can improve your brand standing and constantly expand your global market growth profitably to establish authority and perpetuate the magic of your brand. If you're interested in learning more, why don't we set up a 10-15 minute call between the two of us? Here's the link to my calendar.   See if you can find a time and date that'll work best for us to connect Take care, Heike

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