With every new conversation, your ChatBot becomes more and more intelligent.

The brand-customer relationship has never been so strong!

LeadEasily – Intuitive Brand Growth Mobile Marketing Automation is the platform that lets you create your virtual assistant that is perfect for your business, distribute it across multiple channels and measure its performance in real time.

You'll find that the best way to interact with people is to talk to them.

Rely on Artificial Intelligence for Intelligent Business

LeadEasily lets you create virtual assistants based on advanced artificial intelligence systems that improve business process management.

From internal communication to the development of fast and efficient customer support to support in planning efficient marketing strategies.

Virtual assistants created with LeadEasily help you make the right decision anytime and are the perfect way to interact naturally with users as if they were a real employee.

LeadEasily – Intuitive Brand Growth Mobile Marketing Automation: what makes it unique?

Automatic learning

Load LeadEasily with an initial base of questions and answers that you can expand at any time.

With every conversation your ChatBot becomes more and more intelligent.

Multimedia Content

Improve the user experience by programming your ChatBot to answer the questions itself with pictures, videos, maps and links that point to external websites.

Semantic Analysis

The artificial intelligence on which LeadEasily is based enables your virtual assistant to understand complex questions and always answer them in a relevant way.


Select the language in which you want to speak with your ChatBot to answer user questions.

LeadEasily is available in Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Chinese.


Specify where you want your ChatBot to be visible. Integrate it easily into the most important messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Telegram, into external apps or on your website.

Insight and analytics

Real-time statistics and advanced analysis show you the level of experience of your ChatBot and allow you to profile users based on detailed information.

Much more than just a ChatBot

What do you expect from us to create an individual virtual assistant for your company?

What goals do you want to achieve?

With LeadEasily, you can choose the most appropriate application for your business, from customer service to the automated analysis of large volumes of data to management and optimization of processes and services.

The New Approach to Lead Generation

Sometimes the key to true innovation lies in the simplest and most natural things.

And what is more natural than language to get in touch with prospects and customers? Let your ChatBot collect user information by simply talking to them and turn classic web forms into conversations you can use to reach people.

Conquer and maintain the trust of your customers

Personalize your virtual assistant by selecting your avatar's name, gender, language, and appearance, and making your brand recognizable by selecting color and company logo.

People like to talk to a friendly contact who is always present and able to solve their problems at any time of the day.

Guide users through the buying process

Create a real conversation flow with tips that guide users to your sales goals.

If necessary, you can set an expiration date for QAs that applies to temporary promotions, make them visible if you want, and simulate behavior similar to that of a real person.

AI Powered

Corporate bot

Welcome your first "employee with artificial brain" to your company.

With LeadEasily, you can create a virtual assistant that can be integrated into all areas of your company and can complete the requested tasks quickly and dynamically.

The interface to an assistant for artificial intelligence means having free access to all information in the company and being able to make better decisions.

This All-in-One business oriented intuitive mobile marketing automation platform is going to up your profit game to levels you have only dreamed about before, it´s the new magic potion to superb prospect and customer engagement, higher conversions and ever growing raving audiences FAST!

Open up your horizons by thinking beyond marketing and focus on personalized, customer centric brand building.

Drive innovation as an existential necessity and use the latest technologies to create and maintain sustainable competitive advantage with minimal risk and investment.

Expand the reach of your salesforce and extend the reach into the marketplace, while optimizing your client service and boosting the prominence of your brand on the market, without significant investment in the advertising impact of the brand´s market introduction and growth.

You only need to know a few simple techniques and use the new information technologies to build interactive communication and work in a network.

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